Plastic Surgery Procedure for People in Their Forties

Patients in their forties come into the office for a huge variety of reasons. We start to see changes in the skin around the eyes and neck as well as pigmentation (brown or red spots) on the face, neck and hands. Sun exposure begins to take its toll!

Obagi skin care and LimeLight, or intense pulsed light laser, work wonders for those not interested in downtime. The Pearl laser (a type of laser skin peel) helps those with skin texture issues such as fine lines or superficial wrinkles, but does have a few days of downtime associated with it. Many patients have their first introduction to Botox or filler injection in their forties as facial surgery is less common at this age.

Of course, all of the body contouring surgeries people associate with plastic surgery are commonly performed in this age group.

Interestingly, I remember as a young plastic surgeon wondering why a patient in her late forties would ever consider a breast augmentation. “Why bother?” I asked myself. Well, now that I have recently turned 50, the answer to my judgmental and ill-informed question has become perfectly clear. Just like everyone else, I most certainly do not feel as old as my children think I am.

If you’ve been thinking you’re starting to look older than you feel, give us a call to learn how we might be able to help narrow the gap. If you’re not in your forties, we’ve profiled those in their twenties and thirties, too.