Treat face pigmentation problems with new pain-free procedure

pico-genesis1pico-genesis-before-after For years, many of our patients have sought our advice regarding the treatment of pigmentation issues on their face.

We have long recommended the Obagi NuDerm skin care program for correction of sun damage and minor skin texture issues.  Over the last six months, we have begun to incorporate a new laser procedure called PICO Genesis into our patients’ treatment plan.

This no-downtime (and pain free, believe it or not) procedure uses a special picosecond setting on our new tattoo removal laser to rapidly direct low energy pulses of light at the skin, targeting both pigmentation and superficial texture concerns.

Examples of some of the initial results are shown here.  The treatment feels similar to Laser Genesis, an application on our vascular laser that we have used for nearly 15 years to treat redness and rosacea.

If you have concerns about blotchy pigmentation on your face, please give us a call us at (360) 823-0860 to set up a complimentary consultation. This new and exciting technology might be just the thing for you!