Australia Trip Offers a Reminder to Wear Sunscreen

kangarooMy wife, Nancy, and I traveled to Australia at the beginning of June where I had the opportunity to present some of my recent laser results at a plastic surgery symposium. We found the Australians to be extraordinarily friendly people who smile, drink and swear with regularity.

Prior to the conference, we visited a Koala sanctuary (they don’t do much) and made friends with a Kangaroo gang.  I can also report that Australians are both interested in and mystified by our presidential election politics.  Their election season for prime minister lasts all of two months.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

sun-soundAustralians have by far the world’s highest rate of melanoma skin cancer.  I saw an interesting sign by Manly Beach near Sydney reminding everyone to reapply sunscreen every hour when they hear the “sun sound.”  I never actually heard the sound (as it is now winter down under), but I thought it was an excellent message to pass along here at home.  Don’t forget to reapply that sunscreen this summer while you enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest!