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What To Do About That Neck Wattle

If you’re looking in the mirror these days and you see loose skin hanging between your chin and neck then you have what’s often called a “wattle.” You don’t have to do anything about it, but if you find yourself doing things to minimize it – such as wearing scarves or clothes that cover it up – then there is a solution.

Neck-LiftThe procedure we use to tighten the wattle is a neck resection and Z-plasty. This is an ideal procedure if you don’t need to treat jowling in your lower face or if you want to avoid having scars on your face. It involves direct excision of the loose skin and subcutaneous fat in the anterior central neck and tightening of the sagging neck muscle (the platysma) followed by a Z-plasty to redirect the scar so it is less conspicuous.

While this procedure does leave a permanent Z-shaped incision line on the neck, it usually heals very well with most of it hidden under the chin and in the neck creases.

Men often choose this procedure, but occasionally some women who have mostly loose skin and sagging muscle in their necks with minimal jowling also can be good candidates.  It also helps to have a history of good scar healing.

Direct neck resection and Z-plasty also can be a good touch up procedure if there is some residual neck looseness following previous facelift surgery.

Although not everyone can – or wants to – have the jaws of a super model, you can choose this procedure to align the way you look with the way you feel. Call us at (360) 823-0860 or contact us for a free consultation.