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Ways to Rejuvenate Sun-Damaged Hands


This before and after shows a hand after a surgical procedure called fat grafting, which adds volume to the hand.

When patients come in to the office to talk about age related changes in their skin, we usually talk first about the face.  Most of the damage that we see comes from years of sun exposure or tanning.  People have generally gotten the message about using sunscreen to protect their face, but they often forget about another area where we also show thinning of the skin and brownish discoloration: the hands.

Our hands benefit just as much from rejuvenation as does our face.  Volume loss in the hands can be corrected in several ways.  Fat cells can be taken from one part of  the body and transferred into the back of the hands in the operating room. This is essentially a permanent fix for volume loss in the hands.

Radiesse-HandsFor those not interested in the cost or downtime of a surgical procedure, a filler such as Radiesse can be injected during an office procedure.  The volume correction lasts for approximately 18 months, and it requires no change in one’s schedule or routine.  When combined with a laser procedure to correct discoloration on the skin of the hand, a remarkable transformation occurs.  Please give us a call if you are interested in more information!