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Tips for Dealing with Skin Issues from Wearing Masks

Experiencing “Maskne”?

If you’re experiencing breakouts from wearing a face mask for long periods of time, know that you are not alone. Many of our patients have asked us for product recommendations to help clear up their skin. Here is what we shared with them:

  • Lytic Gel Cleanser has antimicrobial properties to help clear blemishes.
  • Purifying Toner helps clear skin of surface bacteria that can lead to breakouts and helps control visible shine.
  • Lytic Tx products are for daily use and help unclog and clear pores of impurities.
  • Lite Renewal Facial Lotion helps optimize the function of the skin.

August “maskne” special: Purchase the Lytic Gel Cleanser, Lytic Sport and Lite Renewal Facial Lotion and get the Purifying toner for free ($30 value).  While supplies last.

COVID-19 Update: Beginning to Offer Non-urgent Appointments with Precautions in Place

We are now starting the process of reopening our office to non-urgent appointments beginning next week on May 11th.  In Washington, we cannot resume non-urgent surgeries until further notice from Governor Inslee. This is anticipated to be no earlier than May 18th

Facemasks at Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery

We are focusing first on safety

At Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery, the health of patients and employees is our first priority, so strict safety measures have been put in place, including:

  • Asking each patient how they are feeling at the time of scheduling.
  • Checking each person’s temperature at the door.
  • Asking all patients to bring and wear masks. If this is not possible, then we will provide a mask to patients who don’t bring their own.
  • All of our staff will be wearing masks and other personal protective equipment.
  • Extra cleaning and sanitizing of the lobby and exam rooms.
  • Minimizing or eliminating waiting in our lobby. Patients will be instructed to call us from their cars once they arrive in our parking lot

Note: Visitors are not allowed to clinic appointments with the patient unless the patient is disabled and needs help to come to their appointment. If the patient is a child, then one parent can come with them to their appointment. Patients having an operation at our ambulatory surgery facility are allowed one visitor.

To make an appointment:

Call (360) 823-0860 or contact us through our website at

Resuming non-urgent medical procedures

If you had a previously scheduled surgery or procedure that was postponed or canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will receive communication from our office. Priority will be given to the most urgent cases.

Patients Are Happy with This Type of Surgery

Regular readers of this newsletter may have become accustomed to learning about the non-surgical aspects of our practice.  We are surgeons though, and I thought it might be nice to discuss some of those procedures over the next few months.

Richard Green, MD, FACS
Richard Green, MD, FACS

I am often asked what operations are the most enjoyable to perform.  I usually answer any operation that makes the patient happy.

Some of our happiest patients are those who have undergone breast reduction.  
Not only do they feel better about their appearance, but they also no longer have back, neck and shoulder pain. Their clothes fit better and they no longer feel so fatigued by the end of the day. Plus, the procedure might possibly be covered by insurance.  

We generally do these outpatient operations in our surgery center which makes for a nice experience overall.

At Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding procedures. Please call us at (360) 823-0860 or contact us

Not All Board Certifications Carry the Same Merit

by Jane Namkung, MD

Recently, in a landmark vote, the Medical Board of California voted unanimously to deny the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons’ (ABCS) request to advertise as “board-certified” cosmetic surgeons.

By doing so, the Medical Board of California is declaring that the certification provided by the ABCS and its training provided by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons (AACS) is NOT equivalent to the certification and training provided by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its member boards, which includes the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

The investigation by the Medical Board of California found that the ABCS and the AACS programs did not consistently provide adequate training or education in all aspects of cosmetic surgery. 

Now, why does this matter? 

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons (AACS) offers a one-year program designed to train physicians from ANY specialty in cosmetic surgery. This means your cosmetic surgeon may be an emergency room doctor, an OB-GYN, an internal medicine doctor, or even a pathologist who decided to train for one year under another cosmetic surgeon to perform various procedures.

Plastic surgeons, on the other hand, train for three to five years in general surgery and then three years of plastic surgery. They often go on to subspecialize even further with additional fellowships. Facial plastic surgeons are typically ear, nose and throat (ENT) or plastic surgeons who then go on to do an additional one year training in facial plastic surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists who train for an additional two years in eye and face surgery. 

Most patients know these days to make sure their surgeon is board-certified. The danger comes when it is unclear in what specialty your doctor is board certified.

Hopefully, other state medical boards will follow California’s example and not allow the ABCS to advertise as board certified surgeons. Until then, do your research. Ask your doctor about their board certification. If it is not in plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery, look elsewhere.

Please Note Changes in the Brilliant Distinctions® Program

Brilliant Distinctions ®  is a consumer loyalty program that rewards its members with savings for purchasing qualifying Allergan treatments and products. Our clinic is affiliated with this program which honors and redeems the coupons/rewards.  We also issue points for services you receive that are a part of the Brilliant Distinctions® program. You may register for the reward program by logging into their website and then activate your rewards.  You can also download their app on your smartphone, which is the easiest way for you to activate rewards/coupons prior to your appointment.

To our existing patients:  We are no longer able to manage your Brilliant Distinctions® account due to security updates that Allergan has implemented so you will now need to activate your coupons prior to your appointments. Your membership login is your email address and you will need to change/update your password. You can call Brilliant Distinctions® customer service with any questions, to change your password, or to update any information at (888) 324-2745 or call Angela at (360) 823-0860 if you need assistance.

Medical Tourism Offers Greater Risk and Difficult Follow-ups

Medical tourism has been in the news quite a bit over the last few years, but what is it?  Medical tourism is when patients, who are often looking for the best “deal,” go outside of the United States for their surgical procedures. While there is no doubt that high quality plastic surgery exists outside of the U.S., it does come with increased risks.

Training and Credentials

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) cautions patients that it may be exceedingly difficult to assess the training and credentials of surgeons outside of the US, and that patients are at risk of choosing unqualified physicians and having procedures performed at non-accredited surgical facilities.

The U.S. healthcare system has an extensive and exhaustive system of checks and balances in place to ensure patient safety, whereas many of these other countries have far fewer safeguards.


Another concern should be about sterility and how medical equipment and supplies are handled or reused. Reusing supplies and improperly sterilizing equipment is one method of reducing costs but increases the patient’s risk for infections and other complications. In addition, the cosmetic surgery products and devices used in other countries may not have been tested, proven safe or effective, or been approved for use by the FDA.  “Cosmetic” surgery is still real surgery which comes with the very real risks of infection, bleeding, poor cosmetic outcomes, pulmonary embolisms, and blood clots.

Follow-up Care

Follow-up care and monitoring is critical after any surgery. Patients who choose to have their surgeries performed outside of the U.S. have little to no follow-up care and may find it quite difficult to find a plastic surgeon in the U.S. to treat the problem or provide revision surgeries.  Revision surgeries can be quite complicated with suboptimal aesthetic results and the costs are often not covered by insurance.

The Long View

Medical tourism and bargain surgery can be quite costly in the long run.  Patients have to bear the brunt of the additional cost for revision surgeries and complications that may overall be more than the cost of the initial operation if it had been originally performed in the US.  Additionally, if a patient suffers a medical emergency overseas, they may find that their health insurance may not provide coverage in a foreign country.

Do your research.  Although it is tempting to go overseas to find the “best deal,” surgery performed by an unqualified surgeon or in a setting that is not safe can risk your health and result in poor outcomes and end up costing you more in the long run.

At Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide the best care in the safest way possible and are here for you in case sometime goes wrong. Call us at (360) 823-0860 or contact us for a consultation.