Combating Hair Loss with NeoGraft

When I was in my plastic surgery residency, I never had any significant exposure to hair transplantation procedures.  Part of the reason for this was that we were busy taking care of complex trauma cases, burns, or other major reconstructive problems.  Once I started in practice however, we began to receive inquiries frequently as to whether we performed hair transplantation.

In all honesty, that was not initially a procedure we wanted to offer due to the rather noticeable posterior scalp scar and the tedious, drawn out nature of the procedure.  At the plastic surgery annual meeting in 2008, I saw for the first time a new and much improved way of efficiently harvesting single hair follicles to achieve a natural looking hair restoration without a posterior scalp scar.  This was the NeoGraft machine, which has dramatically changed the way we now approach hair transplantation.

The NeoGraft technique has been a standard part of our practice at Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery for over two and a half years.  Although one might think that this would be a procedure offered exclusively to men, it has turned out that nearly half of our NeoGraft patients are female!  Hair loss is exceedingly common in women, and our patients appreciate the fact that they can undergo a hair restoration procedure with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort. The donor site (from where the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken) is very easy to camouflage in women, and most of our patients can get back to normal activity in under a week.

We would be happy to talk further with you about this very satisfying procedure.  Feel free to give us a call at 360.823.0860 if you would like to come in for more information!