Cosmetic Procedures Before a Wedding: Get Good Results with Minimal Downtime

Wedding-Party-smOver the last three weeks, I have seen eight patients, each of whom has a son or daughter getting married this summer. All seemed to be handling this role quite well, but each was interested in looking her best for the upcoming festivities. None of the patients wanted anything drastic done or anything that would make them look as though they had actually visited a plastic surgeon. Additionally, none of the patients had any significant downtime availability.

This scenario presents itself quite often at our office, and not just during wedding season. Many people feel they want to look their best for school reunions, holiday parties, and even vacations. Many less intense treatment options now exist which can be very helpful in this exact situation.

Botox: Botox injections can soften stress or frown lines around the eyes and forehead quite effectively. Lines can take a full month to fully diminish after a Botox injection so be sure to plan ahead. We can even use Botox to treat excessive sweating under the arms!

Fillers: Filler injections such as Juvederm or Radiesse restore volume to folds around the mouth and chin, giving a more rested and healthy appearance. Belotero is another clear gel that is used for vertical lip lines (also known as smoker’s lines—even in non-smokers). This is a very superficial injection that lessens the visibility of the lines without looking lumpy.

Laser services: Laser peels and topical skin care products can even out the color and tone of the skin, erasing blotchy sun damage and tightening large skin pores. Laser can also be used for the elimination of spider veins on the face, something which was previously treated with painful injections. And of course, hair removal is the most common laser procedure we do here at the office.

So what did these patients choose to do? Well, I’m not telling, and hopefully the wedding guests won’t figure it out either!