Dr. Green Visits Australia for Cutera Conference on Lasers

Dr. Green and his wife, Nancy, enjoyed a trip to one of the friendliest places in the world at the end of March.

He was honored to serve as moderator for the Cutera Clinical Forum in Sydney, Australia, a conference which brought together physicians from all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia to learn about new ways to get the most out of their medical lasers.

While there, he also took advantage of an opportunity to attend a meeting of the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove, a breakfast gathering that took place on a boat in Sydney Harbour. As immediate past president of the Vancouver Rotary Club, he was eager to meet Rotarians and their guests from the other side of the world. It turns out that they talk as much about American politics as we do!

Australia has a Medicare for All system (similar to what is being proposed here by various presidential candidates), but most Australians who can afford it still buy private health insurance so that they can access health care services in a more timely fashion.

In Sydney, sunrises tend to be more spectacular than sunsets. Dr. Green took an early walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to catch the Sunday morning sun coming up over the iconic Sydney Opera House.