Patients Are Happy with This Type of Surgery

Regular readers of this newsletter may have become accustomed to learning about the non-surgical aspects of our practice.  We are surgeons though, and I thought it might be nice to discuss some of those procedures over the next few months.

Richard Green, MD, FACS
Richard Green, MD, FACS

I am often asked what operations are the most enjoyable to perform.  I usually answer any operation that makes the patient happy.

Some of our happiest patients are those who have undergone breast reduction.  
Not only do they feel better about their appearance, but they also no longer have back, neck and shoulder pain. Their clothes fit better and they no longer feel so fatigued by the end of the day. Plus, the procedure might possibly be covered by insurance.  

We generally do these outpatient operations in our surgery center which makes for a nice experience overall.

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