Plastic FAQ: What is Neograft®?

Plastic FAQsNeoGraft@ is a type of machine we use here in the office to help us with hair restoration. It helps harvest follicles of hair from the back of your head, allowing us to place them in areas of your head where you want more hair. It’s minimally invasive and means that we no longer have to cut strips of hair from the back of your head and can eliminate stitches and the scarring that comes with the “strip” procedure. It’s also faster to remove donor hair using Neograft. The end results of NeoGraft are very similar to the “strip” procedure and rely on the skills of the surgeon to artfully place the hair follicles on your head for a natural appearance. It’s a faster procedure with less scarring and faster recovery times. If you’d like to learn more about how we perform Neograft and whether it’s a good solution for your hair loss, please check out our hair restoration and Neograft page for details and a video.