SCPS Uses Technique Called “SAFELipo” for Liposuction

While liposuction remains one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, many people are confused about how the surgery is done and which technique is best.

There really isn’t general agreement, even among plastic surgeons, and one will see many different approaches discussed in the media or on the internet.

At SCPS, we have used standard liposuction techniques for many years but have also participated in a trial of both external and internal ultrasound assisted liposuction. We also participated in a study looking at using radio-frequency waves for external (non-invasive) fat reduction.

Two years ago, I began using a technique called “SAFELipo,” a surgical fat reduction procedure pioneered by Dr. Simeon Wall, a well-respected plastic surgeon in Louisiana. This method does not depend upon laser or ultrasound energy to break up the fat prior to removal, but rather uses specially designed cannulas (hollow tubes) to loosen the fat prior to standard suctioning, and then again at the end of the procedure to smooth the remaining tissues.

We perform the SAFELipo surgery in our operating room under general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. This technique has proven very straightforward to do, and has resulted in a much nicer contour of the treated areas with less risk of residual lumps or bumps. The patients really like the results they are seeing with this approach and I have been delighted with the safety of the operation.

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